Saturday 9-5 & Sunday 10-4.

Gonzales & Biloxi is $10 for adults and $2 for children 6-11.

All other shows are $9 for adults and $2 for children 6-11.

Under 18 admitted with parent only.

Most vendors do accept credit cards. However, some of the smaller vendors are cash only. Admisson to the show is cash only. Usually there is an ATM on the premises.

You need a valid state id to purchase a firearm. The vendor calls in the background check and you could be accepted (you are able to take possession of your firearm) or delayed (this could take 15 minutes to clear up or up to three days) or you could be denied (you are not able to purchase the firearm because there is something on your record).

Yes, it is legal for you to sell a firearm at the show as long as you abide by all state, local and federal firearms laws. Please see ATF guidelines link on this website for what is legal.

No, if you are a resident from another state it is illegal for you to buy a hand gun outside of your state.

There are a wide variety of guns from multiple vendors at the shows. We do not know specifically what guns the vendors will bring to the show.