Gun Show Information

  • Show hours are Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-4.  Someone needs to man your booth each day until the show closes.
  • Set up time is Friday 12-6 and Saturday 7-9.  Please call if an emergency arises and you will be late or not be able to attend.  Tables arereleased to anyone waiting on a table at 8:30 AM on Saturday if you have not arrived or called.  My business line is rolled to my cell on weekends of the show –  985.624.8577.  Phone calls only accepted for cancellations – no emails.
  • Table prices are $75 at all shows.   Reservations are held for 10 days without a 50% deposit.  To secure the same or similar table location atthe next show reserve by Sunday at 1 pm with a 50% deposit.   The $5 discount is only applicable if tables are re-reserved at the show.  All tables not reserved by 5 pm are open for reservations by other vendors.
  • Non-related tables are $135 each with prior approval.
  • No checks accepted at the show.  Money orders only two weeks prior to the show.
  • We have a two week cancellation policy.  Payment is due for any tables that cannot be re-sold.
  • Taxes are picked up at the show or mailed after the show.  Locations vary on how they collect taxes and we will let you know at check-in as towhat the parish requires and the tax rate.  You will be given a local tax form and we usually have state forms if needed to mail in.  Exception is in Longview, TX where you will need to provide a TX tax ID number.
  • Please bring a table cover and something waterproof to cover your merchandise when you leave on Saturday night.  We do have 24 hour security,but you are ultimately responsible for your merchandise.  We are not responsible for water damage due to A/C or roof leaks.
  • Power is available at all shows. You will need your own power cord and tape (gaffers tape is the best / No Gorilla tape!). You are responsiblefor any damage that incurs to the floor or wall with the use of tape. No electric fee at Gonzales, Longview, Shreveport or Lafayette. Bossier charges $10 and Biloxi charges $60. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Internet is available in Gonzales, Longview, Lafayette, Bossier and Biloxi at no charge. Internet is available in the lobby only at Shreveport.There is no guarantee of internet use as sometimes there are connectivity problems. If you HAVE to have internet, please bring your own hot spot.
  • Maximum badges are up to two per vendor to get into and out of the show.  Extra or lost badges are price of admission.
  • You will also be given a copy of gun show rules and gun tie rules (if you are a firearms dealer) when you check in.  Please make yourselffamiliar with the show rules.

Gun Show Rules

Download Rules
  1. All guns must be unloaded and tied to render them nonfireable. This includes long guns and guns in gun cases. This must be done by the time we open to the public. Have extra ties on hand to put on guns you buy and ones that are cut off to show to customers. Recheck all guns periodically to ensure that all are tied. Gun ties are available at the registration desk and are sold at cost. Point guns at ceiling when looking at one – never point towards anyone. NO DRY FIRING AT ANY TIME.
  2. If you have a weapon discharge at your table you will be immediately evicted without benefit of refund or recourse and barred from all future Classic Arms Productions LLC events. The table holder is responsible for the action of all assistants at his table.  The table holder may face criminal charges. You will not be allowed to attend our shows if you have a gun go off at any other promoters show.
  4. No loose ammo allowed – all must be boxed and sealed.
    A. Ammo dealers please note – do not overload your tables as ammo is heavy and may cause the table to become damaged. It will be your responsibility to pay for any damaged tables.B. Exhibitors must unload all guns, including their personal guns, before entering the building and keep them unloaded during show hours. A loaded gun or clip will automatically terminate your participation in the show.
    NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS UNLESS YOU PLAN TO STAY UNTIL SHOW CLOSES BOTH DAYS. Empty tables can hurt future shows in that town. If you must leave early due to an emergency, please let me know in advance of clearing your tables.
  1. EXIBITOR HOURS: Doors open at 7 AM Saturday and 9 AM Sunday. I have 24 hour police security but it is your responsibility to watch your merchandise from the time exhibitors enter until the show closes. No one is allowed in building while the show is closed. It is your responsibility to be there to watch your tables during show hours and dealer set-up.
  2. All tables must be paid prior to set-up.  If paying for tables at the show due to a late reservation, cash or money order only will be accepted. Unless we are advised of your late arrival, unclaimed reserved tables revert back to Classic Arms Productions Gun Shows LLC 8:30 AM Saturday.
  3. No changes in the physical arrangement of the tables as set up by Classic Arms Productions Gun Shows LLC will be permitted without approval of the Show Chairman.
  4. Dealers who bring children into the show are responsible for the conduct of these children and must not allow them to disturb other participants.
  5. LIMIT 2 BADGES PER EXHIBITOR. All badges must be requested at check-in time. Badges requested for persons coming in after show opens must be left up front. No badges issued for lost ones or ones left in hotel unless fee is paid. No one admitted to show area without badge or paid admission. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor, not the sponsors, to bear the expense of extra workers, business associates, family reunions, etc.

The following items are not allowed in the show.

  1. No flea market material.
    The promoters reserve the right to ask the removal from tables anything that is undesirable.
  2. No explosive ordinance, destructive devices, parts designed specifically to convert a semi-automatic firearm to fully automatic firearm shall be displayed or offered for sale.
  3. Since gun shows are advertised to the public as family events, no pornographic materials or items with obscene language or graphics, including T-shirts, magazines, videos, bumper stickers or other items which could be considered offensive to families or which are objectionable to show management are permitted. NO COUNTERFEIT MERCHANDISE.

4.  Exhibitors will ensure that there are no books displayed or offered for sale at the show which describe the fabrication of devices which, if the device described were possessed by an individual, would constitute a felony under the laws of the United States, or under the laws of the state or municipality where the show is being held. This prohibition includes racial, ethnic, sexist and any hate-mongering material of any type, or any other material which are objected to by show management.

10. Nothing will be placed in front, in the aisle or on the side of any table. Try and keep everything on or below the table. Sales may be made from paid tables only. Anyone using their own personal tables for sales will be charged the gun show table rate. Small tables may be placed behind your table for cash register, etc. as long as no merchandise is displayed. The table must not interfere with an exit or your neighbor. Space behind tables are equally divided between exhibitors. Remain in your area only. 50% of the space in front of your table is your sales area. Repeat – Please stay in your area and do not interrupt other exhibitor’s sales. Chairs are provided at no charge at all shows.

11.  No carts in aisle before closing Saturday or Sunday. This insurance regulation must be obeyed to prevent a possible lawsuit from someone injured by a cart. No exceptions.

For security purposes, roll up doors will not be opened till 10-15 minutes after the show closes and most of the public has left the building.



The show management, Classic Arms Productions Gun Shows LLC, and its sponsors, agents and employees are not responsible for any injury, loss or damage from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by an exhibitor, his employees, or those in his party, or to property in his or their possession. The exhibitor expressly releases the show management, and its staff, agents and/or individuals and employees for such injury, loss or damage.

No responsibility is assumed by the show management, Classic Arms Productions Gun Shows LLC, and its agents or employees for goods delivered to the show site, or for items left on the show premises before, during or after the show.

ATF Guidelines

This information is provided by the BATF. For answers to specific questions, contact the BATF directly.



This NOTICE applies to activities permitted at bone fide gun shows, as defined in Title 27 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 178.100. A flea market is not a bona fide gun show and does not meet the requirements of Title 18, United States Code, Chapter 44, regarding gun shows! A licensee may not lawfully sell firearms at flea markets. Licensees may only sell firearms at gun shows within the State in which their licensed premises is located.


MUST comply with all record keeping requirements of ATF regulations concerning acquisitions and dispositions of firearms, including the recording of the place of sale.

MAY dispose of handguns to residents of this State only, provided that the purchaser is at least 21 years of age and all provisions of the Brady law are met.

MAY dispose of long guns to residents of any State, provided that the purchaser is at least 18 years of age and the laws of both States are complied with.

MAY dispose of firearms to any Federal firearms licensee (FFL).

MAY acquire firearms from any FFL licensed in the State, or from any non-licensed individual.


MUST comply with all ATF requirements concerning acquisitions of firearms.

MAY acquire firearms from any FFL licensed in this State and from any non-licensed individual.

CANNOT make sales of firearms to anyone, even to or through an FFL licensed in this State.

CAN display and take orders.


MAY acquire long guns from FFLs licensed in this State.

MAY also acquire handguns from FFLs licensed in this State, provided that all provisions of the Brady law are met.

MAY dispose of firearms to any FFL.

MAY acquire from and dispose of personal firearms to non-licensed residents of the State.

CANNOT acquire from or dispose of firearms to non-licensed residents of any other State.


MAY dispose of firearms to any FFL

MAY acquire long guns only from FFLs licensed in the State, provided the laws of both States are complied with.

CANNOT acquire handguns.

CANNOT dispose of firearms to non-licensed individuals.